Discover the Galaxy S8 Brodit Active Swivel Stand

Possesseur of a Galaxy S8, I think this article will interest you because I am focusing today on a pivoting support allowing both to securely hold your smartphone but also to load it.
Let’s see what to expect with Brodit.

Galaxy S8 Brodit Active Swivel Stand Test

Main Features

  • Dimensions of 7.2 x 4.5 x 9.5 centimeters
  • Dimensions to use the S8 without a case
  • The weight of 300 grams
  • Swivel ball 20 ° in all directions
  • Swivel head 360 °
  • Cigarette Lighter Charger
  • 50 cm cable


The Brodit Active swivel stand is well packaged and very professional, which will make an excellent gift if needed.

He is ready to be assembled. Here is what’s in the box:

  • The support for your Galaxy S8
  • The USB Type-C charger -> Integrated cigar lighter plug
  • Screws for fixing
  • An instruction manual

The support is perfectly adapted to an S8 so that your Smartphone does not move absolutely and is thus solidly maintained.
Besides this support is equipped with a tilt rocker so you can easily adjust the angle for better viewing or switch between portrait and landscape mode.
The incline can go up to 20 ° while you can rotate 360 °. The must, no?

This mount is equipped with a USB Type-C connector that plugs into the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle. The charging is also immediate as soon as you put the phone on the support.
The big plus is that you have an extra USB port if needed.

Finished the battery problems over long distances!

This swivel stand for your Galaxy S8 brand Brodit is a really good fracture and perfectly maintains your smartphone!

Note that I have two regrets about this support.
First, the fact that you need to buy a small support (ProClip) to fit it on one of the air vents of your car (small single support depending on the model of your car).
Second is the price because you must still have more than 60 €!

Nevertheless, this support does its job perfectly and is especially very good (thankfully).