New leak reveals everything around the Samsung Galaxy S9


Samsung Galaxy S9 Plus leak 600x400

The new Samsung Galaxy S9 series will be officially unveiled this coming Sunday, but after the last leaks, virtually nothing is hidden.

The reason for the revelations is once again Evan Blass, through his Twitter account staff, and the German WinFuture website, which reveals all the details of the technical features of Samsung’s new flagship.

As the company looks to have focused on the new camera, the Galaxy S9 comes with a single camera while the Galaxy S9 + with dual camera. However, both devices will have the ability to alternate lens exposure between f / 1.5 and f / 2.4 values, allowing users to take better pictures in low light conditions (f / 1.5) or in exceptional brightness conditions (f / 2.4).

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Additionally, the Galaxy S9 will be capable of capturing video at 960 frames per second, and in particular, the Galaxy S9 + will incorporate dual-pixel technology and laser-assisted autofocus. Both devices will have the capability of slow-motion video capture and a visual stabilization system.

As far as the other technical features are concerned, there will be SuperAMOLED screens with the resolution reaching 2960 x 1440 pixels on both devices, stereo speakers and of course the eye iris scanner as a means of unlocking the phone. The S9 will have a diagonal screen of 5.8 inches while the S9 + will have a diagonal screen of 6.2 inches.

The processor will be the eight-hour SoC Exynos 9810 clocked at 2.9GHz while the models released in the United States will feature the SoC Snapdragon 845 with its 2.6GHz clocks. On a memory level, the smallest model will come with 4GB of RAM, while the larger device with RGB size of 6GB. At the storage level, the S9 and S9 + will have 64GB with an additional slot for inserting a memory card.

The S9 battery will have a capacity of 3,000mAh, while the larger S9 + will use a 3.500mAh battery. Now, all that remains to be proved is what element Samsung has managed to keep hidden for the official presentation of the coming Sunday, just before the MWC 2018 opens its gates.