Samsung prepares the Galaxy Beyond X with six cameras and 5G

The new Samsung Galaxy S10 is expected to be launched early this year, with the latest rumors suggesting that announcements are likely to be made next February.

There is a general perception that after the loss of part of Samsung’s market share (won by Chinese manufacturers), the Korean company is determined to change the data with the models it will present in 2019. Everyone expects the upcoming Galaxy S10 is a major upgrade compared to Samsung’s recent models.

In fact, the Wall Street Journal reports that the company will present not three, but four models that will fit into the new Galaxy S series. Three of the devices will be the “classic” Galaxy S10 series and are expected to show during the Mobile World Congress.

However, the fourth Galaxy S device is interesting, which, according to the WSJ, will be released later in the spring of 2019 and will only be available in the US and Korean markets. Until now, this device is known only under the codename Beyond X.

WSJ information wants Beyond X to support access to 5G technology networks while incorporating a total of 6 camera sensors. Note that Samsung already launched the Galaxy A9 with four main cameras and a single camera over the screen. The Beyond X will apparently go one step further by offering a quadruple main camera and a dual front camera.

At the monitor level, the Beyond X is said to have a diagonal screen of 6.7 inches, while the rest of the Galaxy S10 will move from 5.8 inches (and the current S9) to 6.4 inches (slightly larger than S9 +). The cameras in the S10 mainstream range will range from three to five, front and rear, depending on the model.

Interesting is the fact that Samsung is considering adding to the S10 series models and rechargeable wireless charging capability to charge other devices or wireless accessories. It’s the first-time feature in Huawei’s Mate 20 Pro.

All the above, the Galaxy S10 and the Beyond X, will come along with the folding smartphone that Samsung has already brought to us. Indeed, WSJ notes that there is a strong possibility that the retractable device is called Galaxy Flex, but without giving any further information on it.